A man sat on a stool strumming a guitar and serenading guests as they entered the ceremony room. I couldn’t help the smile that broke out across my face as he sang the same songs as the acoustic duo at my own wedding. I hear these songs all the time and they always fill me with happy memories, but when I hear them live and unplugged it makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

Music has always been a powerful memory trigger for me. I used to phone my brother up screeching at him to turn on the radio and hear some long-forgotten ditty from our childhood. Now I just post the youtube videos on his Facebook wall to remind him of holidays in Devon and songs that we used to write all the lyrics out to.

There are a couple of songs that inextricably link my best friend and I together. We may have sung them at the top of our lungs during kitchen karaoke at my hen do.

And then there are the songs that provided the soundtrack for our wedding day and it is these that I hear most often when I am documenting other people’s weddings. You get someone to cover Taken By Trees and Jason Mraz and I get a lump in my throat. You stare at each other dreamily as you wait for the register to be signed and listen to these modern love songs and I find my eyes getting a little misty.

Because for me, music is emotive and evocative. It reminds me of great times and ghastly times. It has the power to instantaneously make me dissolve into tears or to dance around my living room like an unco-ordinated toddler.

I know that in years to come you too will be taken by surprise when you hear these tunes and remember your wedding day. I know that you’ll feel just as fuzzy as I do when the melody of your wedding music seeps into your soul and transports you back to those magical moments. Next to literature, music is the greatest art form.

So I say if music be the food of love, rock on.